Ways to Volunteer

1. Help with research

GCT needs volunteers to gather and maintain current NWA statistics to better serve our Jewels and their families. The research team meets with NWA school systems to conduct interviews to collect the following information:

  • NWA Incarceration Rates
  • Number of Jewels in NWA
  • School Performance
  • Mental Health Effects

2. Lead a support group

Mental health professionals are encouraged to apply to lead support groups for our Jewels and caregivers of Jewels.

3. Teach a class

Teach a life skills class such as resume building and parenting classes.

4. Facilitate activities

Lead the Gentlemen Jewels Etiquette Club or Lady Jewels Etiquette Club! Host a dinner to teach Jewels table manners and etiquette. Facilitate fun activities that develop team building. The possibilities are endless!

5. Special Friend Program

Take a Lady Jewel on a spa day or to get her hair done. Take a Gentleman Jewel to a local sporting event. Become a mentor and become a positive role model for our Jewels.

Volunteer Application Form

    Please list what you estimate your availability to be, we understand it is subject to change. Please be as specific as possible (ex. I am available from 8-10am on Monday and Saturday afternoons)

    Please check all that apply. I am interested in:

    Board of DirectorsResearch TeamCase ManagementAnything Available