Introducing the launch of the Human Kindness Project, a groundbreaking initiative crafted by our organization to provide invaluable assistance to children and families affected by incarceration. Through this program, individuals have the opportunity to seek support for their essential daily needs, fostering stability and resilience during challenging times. Applicants can request up to $250 for various necessities, such as school supplies, small fines, household essentials (including utilities, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, gas/transportation, and food), or parole fees.

Aligned with our core mission, this program has a few key prerequisites:

  • Direct Impact
    Applicants must have a direct connection to a loved one who has experienced incarceration.
  • Part-Time Work or Student Status
    To be eligible, participants should either be engaged in part-time employment or pursuing their education.
  • Collaboration with a GCT Volunteer or Mentor
    Successful applicants will collaborate with a compassionate GCT volunteer or mentor for up to 1-3 hours, ensuring that the support is tailored to their unique needs.
  • Documentation of Service Need
    Applicants are required to provide documentation verifying their service needs.