Shonda Kimmel, Master’s in Special Education

Shonda Kimmel is a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and has a Masters Degree in Special Education for Grades P-4. She has taught for over 21 years in various grade levels. She has also taught Intermediate Writing at NWACC. Having worked with the organization’s founder for several years, Shonda learned of Kanaka’s passion and desire to assist families to learn skills for coping with life in all areas when a child’s caregiver has been incarcerated.

Over the years, Shonda has seen the need for organizations to teach these families the tools needed for them to be able to grow and cope. She had worked with several students in the classroom needing support in order to learn, manage self control, and develop their own self worth in their communities.

Shonda’s interest in the Growing and Coping Together Non-Profit Organizational is to work closely with board to promote the organization for recognition and growth in Northwest Arkansas.