Growing and Coping Together

Cristina Obama

Cristina is originally from Equatorial Guinea and currently living in Springdale pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology & counseling.

She received her Associate’s degree at Navarro College where she was also a leader for the UCF Wesley Foundation, a college campus ministry dedicated to the students at Navarro College. She has a keen interest in being part of a community and to serve others. She believes in serving with love, serve in education, serve in faith, serve in positivity, and serve with empathy because life is more meaningful when we are the reason others can do good.

Every day Cristina improves her knowledge and is constantly learning, and working on herself to better her life. Fun fact: She doesn’t rely on motivation, but instead she only rely on self-discipline, consistency, and determination.

Cristina’s interest in the Growing and Coping Together Non-Profit is to provide a legacy to the have done something that benefited others to make our community a better place to live in. Achieving such legacy is what she considers a payment for the privilege she had to be born, to be alive, to just breathe.